60 Parsecs!

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Space Survival in 60 Parsecs!

60 Parsecs! catapults players into the depths of space with a mix of humor and survival strategy that is as challenging as it is engaging. Set against the backdrop of a Cold War-era space race gone awry, players are tasked with leading a crew of quirky astronauts to safety after their space station is obliterated. The game kicks off with a frantic 60-second scramble to gather supplies, resources, and crew members before being hurled into the unknown reaches of space in a barely functional escape pod. What follows is a test of leadership, resource management, and decision-making as players navigate the perils of the cosmos in an attempt to find a new home.

Crafting Your Narrative Amongst the Stars

Each decision in 60 Parsecs! shapes the narrative and fate of the crew, with choices ranging from which resources to ration, to how to respond to the myriad of bizarre and often humorous encounters that space has to offer. The game combines elements of storytelling with survival mechanics, where every choice can lead to new discoveries or dire consequences. The crew’s morale, hunger, and health are all in the player’s hands, making the management of supplies as critical as navigating interstellar dilemmas. With a variety of potential endings, the game encourages multiple playthroughs, each offering a unique adventure shaped by the player’s decisions. The unpredictable nature of space, combined with the distinct personalities of the crew, ensures that no two journeys through 60 Parsecs! are ever the same.

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