Forest Ranger Services: The Pilot (FRS)

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Some horror games are so realistic that you literally feel your physical presence in a virtual environment. Forest Ranger Services: The Pilot (FRS) is one of these projects. Moreover, it was based on real events, believe it or not. So what awaits you in this online game? You play for a reporter who needs to boost his career. And he gets a job as a forest ranger. The US National Parks are known for the mysterious disappearance of students. Now, you have a chance to become the first to get this news and investigate it.

It is going to be scary!

Your new work provides you with access to dozens of reports of missing people. Usually, these are hikers. It is quite strange that experienced people could vanish without a trace. So you are going to drive around the place and scan it for yourself. The deeper you go in the forest, the creepier things and characters you meet. It seems your imagination plays a wicked game with you, or how to explain the strange shadows you see lurking between the trees? Or are these real paranormal beings? This is what you need to find out by playing this horror game. Are you sure you are brave enough for the most unexpected ending? If yes, dive in right now!

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