Digital Circus Shooter

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“Digital Circus Shooter” belongs to the genre of three-dimensional first-person shooters. Here you get into one of the locations of the digital amazing circus, full of unusual and not always sane inhabitants. You find yourself alone against everyone you meet, so do not hesitate to shoot or not, as the enemy will always try to attack you.

How to play?

The gameplay is based on a standard shooter, in which you find yourself on a location with many enemies. You need to destroy everyone who gets in the way to move to the next level. In the game “Digital Circus Shooter” your main opponents will be the characters from the animated series “Amazing Digital Circus”. You will meet Remember and other characters, each with their own unique design, attacks and different movement speed. The main goal of the player is to destroy all enemies on the level. they appear gradually and are displayed on the radar. With each level their number increases, so it will be more and more difficult to pass. You need to develop, for which you need to buy a variety of improvements.

What improvements are available?

In “Digital Circus Shooter” you can buy new weapons and helpers. These are the two main improvements. During shooting, the weapon overheats and becomes unavailable. To be able to repel the attacks of enemies, you need to switch between different barrels in time, combining attacks.

Comments (6)
  1. Asher:

    it takes a reeeeeaaaaly long time

  2. Lucas:

    en wat killer kits

  3. ever:

    hi i like it i got level 15 but i got bored

  4. Justin:

    The amazing digital circus is my favorite tv show and game

  5. Simone:

    i can be Jax???????????

  6. MAMA BOY:

    Best game ever!!! I HAVE commited multiple war crimes and felonies inside my contry!!! I ate aklso a sandwich with a roach in it it tasted funy i sugest you try to

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