The Amazing Digital Circus 2

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If you love never-ending adventures and fun, you are in the right place! Welcome to the Amazing Digital Circus, a great adventure that you will never forget! This environment is both exciting and engaging. But it powered by artificial intelligence. So you may imagine that it will be quite thrilling to predict the events and, moreover, to influence them! Are you ready to have a look at what is going on here? A little warning – no one knows how it all will finish! But it is surely a lot of fun that you simply cannot miss!

A little about the story

So how did it all start? You will meet a group of humans. Some unknown power has gathered them together and brought to a strange world. It is Digital Circus that exists to its own rules. You may get surprised as the characters on the screen can hardly be called people. Actually, these are weird-looking toys. Anyway, they all have some kind of personal problems, yet now they are together in this strange place trying to survive through a lot of ridiculous situations. Caine, the host of this place, together with faithful assistant, Bubble, will try to organize all possible misadventures for the other characters. In other words, Caine is going to torment and traumatize the poor toys in all possible ways. But no worries – no one is going to die in these breathtaking twists. On the contrary, the personages are getting incredible experience through these trials.

Meet lovely personages

You will interact with a whole bunch of characters. First of all, it is worth mentioning Caine. This personage represents a host of Digital Circus and fulfils the role of AI within this universe. He may seem malicious as he continuously torments his guests. But in fact, he just tries to perform well and even cares for these human toys. What about the other personages? It is Pomni, a young woman locked into a body of a toy jester. It is also Ragatha, an optimistic ragdoll. You will also see Jax, a strange rabbit in purple color. Others are Kinger, Gangle and Zooble. Each of these funny creatures represent one of these strange creatures – a white chess king, a theater tragedy mask, and a geometrical figure. This gang is actively interacting as they have to go through endless trials and still survive! Will these creatures return to real world or remain here forever? This is what you will need to find out in this cool circus show!

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