Pizza Tower

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Pizza Tower – invites you to visit the game world where it is always delicious, nourishing and flavorful. Here you will be fed with the favorite dish of all children and adults, but, if you find the secret ingredients. Go to the aid of the chef, who prepares pizza especially for gourmets!

The most delicious storyline ever!

You’ll find yourself in a big tower with a large number of floors and different rooms. All the secret ingredients that the chef adds to his dishes are scattered in secret places. To find them you will have to go down into dark dungeons and fight with terrible creatures. But on your side will be dexterity, wit and pumped strength. To open the doors, you need to find special keys. To do this, carefully explore all the rooms in the dungeon. To get into hard-to-reach places, you can break the walls. You are guaranteed real and unbridled fun. Performing the next task, you will meet a mischievous child, who will first drive all the characters crazy with his behavior and screaming, but then will provide significant help in solving puzzles.

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