Dead Faces

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Dead Faces represents a masterfully designed eerie psychological horror, that will puzzle even the most seasoned players. This chilling prologue, available for free, acts as a prologue to a larger game, seamlessly blending mind-bending hallucinations with a dark narrative. Your hero has stayed isolated in his apartment for too long to forget all the people from his surroundings. Now, he is drawn into real madness. The only way to return to the normal is to restore the memory and recollect the details of the past.

Between reality and hallucinations

The game takes you to the world of psychological horror, where a haunting narrative intertwines seamlessly with mind-bending hallucinations. This game skillfully utilizes photo-realistic visuals and dynamic audio to create an unsettling atmosphere that intensifies the terror. You will have to return to the protagonist’s troubled past. But this is not going to be a poor entertaining journey. It will be a horror-packed gripping experience. The audio effects fully immerse into the story, and you will feel literally a part of it. Will you manage to find all the bits of this frightening memory puzzle? And will you survive after all?

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