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The game Lethal Company has gained significant popularity, partly due to its unexpected rise in the gaming community, with numerous streams and videos showcasing its gameplay. However, what many players might not be aware of is the existence of mods for Lethal Company, which add new dimensions to the game. These mods are not just enhancements but integral components that enrich the gaming experience, offering new features and options to explore within the game’s universe.

One of the popular mods for Lethal Company extends the lobby capacity to up to 50 players, significantly enlarging the scope for multiplayer interaction. It’s crucial that all players in a group have the mod installed; otherwise, those without it may be removed from the server due to lobby overcapacity. Besides expanding the lobby, this mod also introduces additional cosmetics to the game. Upon installation, a new folder named MoreCompanyCometics appears in the plugins, and players can find new items and features in the main menu. These mods not only enhance the gameplay but also provide players with more ways to customize their experience in the world of Lethal Company.

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