Hungry Lamu

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Hungry Lamu is a fun game that will help you to distract yourself from ordinary things and have a good time. The main character is a llama who is always hungry. She can swallow any fruits, vegetables and even any objects that get in her way. But as soon as it starts to get dark, be ready to get really creepy.

Run away and don’t look back!

A real scary horror game, which at first is very attractive with its colorful locations. Everything looks so fun and carefree. The strange characters are very funny, and even in some moments become the sweetest and kindest. But as soon as the sun dips below the horizon, the main character turns into a creepy creature, scary and wild. At first, you will feed the animal with fruits and berries. The more the llama eats, the better chance you have of surviving the next night. You can look for food in different locations, in bushes, in trees. And always remember that the llama should never stay hungry! If you don’t satisfy her hunger, you’ll get into a terrible mess!

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