Amanda The Adventurer

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This game commences as a usual story. Your character discovers a collection of VHS tapes. It is a known TV show about restless Amanda and her faithful friend, Wooly. They are always hungry for new adventures. And you get inside this very show. It seems really exciting until you notice strange things about Amanda. The girl gets simply mad when her ideas are not followed. Wooly tries to object but with no obvious results. What is going on between them?

Is the girl a true friend?

Sometimes, Wooly seems very shy and even scared. At a certain moment, he disappears. Astonishingly, Amanda doesn’t appear to be concerned or sad about his disappearance. Could she be concealing something malevolent beneath her seemingly friendly appearance? If Amanda has hidden intentions, you may be at risk. You’ll soon discover that her conduct has taken a really eerie turn. Be careful when you find yourself alone in the company of this strange heroine.

Comments (3)
  1. jayden:

    omg how long for the game

  2. jayden:

    so long lod

  3. eddie:

    fix it

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