Roblox The Mimic Book 2 Chapter 3

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Roblox The Mimic Book 2 Chapter 3, also known as the Jealousy Book, continues the suspenseful story of Isamu Uchiumi. Isamu is on a quest to unravel the mysterious events that happened to his brother, Senzai Uchiumi, on Aogashima Island. The chapter begins with Isamu going to the office, retrieving a key, and promising to uncover what transpired in Aogashima. His journey to the island takes an unexpected turn when a tall, dark figure emerges and knocks Isamu unconscious, with him vaguely perceiving someone dragging his body away.

The chapter progresses with Isamu waking up to find himself with Minka. In his search for assistance, he stumbles upon a book that tells the tragic story of two orphan sisters, Mio and Rin. The tale of jealousy and guilt sets the tone for the chapter, as Isamu is tasked with finding and poisoning three rats by a well. After completing this grim task, he attempts to leave but is chased by an angry Mio and has to navigate through obstacles, including Rin’s hair, to escape.

Isamu’s escape leads him to a corridor lined with heads, which transitions to an area with blue mushrooms and a staircase leading to tall grass. Here, Isamu encounters a giant snake and must use stealth and strategy to navigate through the grass and rocks to avoid detection. His journey through the cave includes an intense fight with the giant snake. Following this ordeal, Isamu finds himself in Yoki town, where he meets a farmer and old man Keneo. To secure passage off the island, Isamu agrees to retrieve an orb for Keneo, leading him through a series of challenges including avoiding a kurobozo, finding paintings, and entering a house to complete a drawing. His successful retrieval of the orb takes him back to Keneo and eventually to a boat.

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