The Cookie Project

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If you are in search of some romantic adventures, try the newest visual novel – The Cookie Project. You play as the owner of a small bakery in the bustling Last City. It is the last days before the start of the festive season. Amidst the usual eclectic clientele, an unexpected visitor appears—a really charming man. It seems he really needs your expertise and help. So what about common holiday baking adventure? There are all chances for a new romance now!

It is a lot of flirt!

Now, the development of the story is in your hands. Everything can end up with friendship or even romantic feelings. You will engage in a dialogue with this strange visitor. You will actually, have several options of how to respond to each question or phrase of this new client. If you really want him to stay longer at your place, you must make a good impression on him. So think well before you respond to the guy. If you say something wrong, he will just take it as a signal to leave your bakery. So start playing now to check how skillful your flirting skills are. The game is really enjoyable after a long day. Do not miss a chance to have some romantic fun in this cool story!

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