Only Up!

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This new online game can be classified as parkour, but it differs from other projects in this genre. This time, you will have to move vertically. And as the title suggests, you are to aim only up! The main character of this story is Jackie, the boy who always wanted to escape the place where he lives. And one day brings a perfect chance to the protagonist. He wakes up and notices that the things around him start moving. And they are moving up into the sky. It is a chance to get out! So he cannot miss it now!

How high can you get?

The idea is to hold out for the longest possible time and reach the best height. For this, you just need to jump from one floating object to another. Be very careful as you cannot fall. If you take a wrong step, all your progress is burnt. If you need, you may slow down a little at times to better navigate your trip. This is a great opportunity to enhance your agility and train other skills. Have fun in this unusual vertical parkour!

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