Evil Crow

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Welcome to Evil Crow, a new horror adventure that will make blood freeze in your veins. What so scary will you face this time? So, the story starts when the protagonist gets stuck in a rural area. He was merely driving when something happened to his car. After the breakage, the vehicle does not start. And there is absolutely no one around to help you. You have only one solution to keep moving – you must explore everything around and find the necessary spare parts. So, it’s time to get out and look for the items that may help you fix your car! It may not be so simple as you think.

It is a scary experience!

You will walk around in search of some facility. And, suddenly, you will come across an abandoned barn. You decide to get inside and look for some tools. This is when sinister things start. You will find a strange sign of a ritual, a pentagram, and even a gloomy church. What is going on in this strange place? This is what you must understand. Solve endless quests and complete tasks to be able to repair your car. Keep moving and thinking if you really want to continue your drive. There are so many sinister things around that there is a chance to get stuck here forever!

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