Five Nights at Pomni’s. Digital Circus

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Pomni has slipped the virtual bonds of The Amazing Digital Circus, emerging in our realm not as the innocent she once seemed, but as a vengeful automaton seeking retribution. Her journey takes her to a local den of frights, the very place where she first donned the cursed headset that whisked her away to Kane’s twisted world. With a heart now wired for vengeance, Pomni is on a harrowing quest to even the score.

Enter the world of “Nightwatch at Pomni’s,” where you’ll endure a string of terrifying nights, steeped in the dread only true horror can instill. You’re the newly appointed guardian of the circus, tasked with keeping a vigilant eye from the security hub. This night shift will etch itself into your memory forever.

Drawing inspiration from the “FNAF” series, prepare for a quintet of evenings where survival hangs by a thread. Monitor Pomni’s every move. Listen for the telltale footsteps that spell danger, and when you hear them, quickly scan the security cameras to track her approach. As she draws near, the risk intensifies; secure the doors before it’s too late. But beware of the power supply — should it dwindle, you’ll need to refuel the generator. And in this dire moment, you must venture into the dark. Will you survive the night? Your wits, courage, and a little luck are all that stand between you and Pomni’s wrath. Good luck — you’ll need it.

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