Alternate Watch

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Exploring the Unsettling Realms of Alternate Watch

Alternate Watch burst onto the scene in May 2022, presenting a unique spin on the “I’m on Observation Duty” genre with a theme inspired by the Mandela Catalogue (pre Vol.4). Initially released in a semi-unfinished state, the game captured the intrigue of players, leading to significant updates and refinements by April 2023. Developed in Unreal Engine 5, this game challenges players to report various anomalies until 6 am to conquer the game. The array of anomalies ranges from shifting paintings and misplaced objects to more sinister presences like shadow figures with white eyes and cloaked figures whispering incessantly. It’s a test of observation and nerve, where open doors signal an ominous intrusion rather than mere displacement.

A Game Evolving Through Community Feedback

Despite its technical demands, particularly the use of Lumen Global Illumination, Alternate Watch offers settings adjustments for players facing performance issues. The developer’s openness to player feedback has shaped the game’s evolution, with updates that not only expanded the content but also addressed performance and classification concerns. However, the journey of Alternate Watch, from its initial release to its latest version, is marked by a commitment to the original vision of creating a distinct and engaging experience within the Mandela Catalogue universe. While the game now enjoys a dedicated category on Twitch, addressing previous accessibility concerns, the developer has expressed no plans for further updates or sequels. Alternate Watch remains a standalone adventure, inviting players into its eerie observation-based gameplay, challenging them to identify the out-of-place among the ostensibly ordinary.

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