Need More Cold

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Need More Cold presents a quirky and engaging scenario where you play a kid with an unusual problem. You’re burning up with a fever, but there’s a big event at school – Ariana Grande is performing, and you can’t bear the thought of missing it. However, your mom, concerned about your health, insists you stay home. The game revolves around this predicament, challenging you to find creative ways to convince your mom to let you go to school.

The gameplay is filled with humor and various strategies you can employ to lower your fever or persuade your mom. If you’re familiar with Need More Heat, the game this one draws inspiration from, you’ll find Need More Cold to be a fun twist, reversing the original game’s premise. For newcomers, the game is still accessible and entertaining, offering a straightforward yet amusing experience. Players might also find it helpful to glance through the Need More Cold walkthrough to gain insights or ideas that could be applicable in this reverse scenario.

Need More Cold offers two primary outcomes: the good ending and the bad ending, each dependent on how successfully you navigate the challenge of convincing your mom. Whether it’s finding inventive ways to cool down or coming up with convincing arguments, the game encourages experimentation and exploration. The motivation to see Ariana Grande perform adds a relatable and humorous layer to the game’s objective, making Need More Cold a delightful and engaging experience for players looking for a light-hearted and amusing gaming session.

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