Roblox Doors

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Welcome to an exceptionally spine-tingling horror experience – it is Roblox project Doors. This gripping adventure will put your reflexes to the ultimate test. You are in a virtual hotel where your primary objective is to unlock one hundred doors. However, it means you are to go through a hundred of trials that lie between you and your goal. Each door represents an intricate puzzle. In other words, these are different mini-games, each of which you must complete before progressing to the next stage. And what is really frightening – it is monsters that hide behind many doors!

Will you succeed?

Fortunately, you will have access to an assortment of helpful tricks, such as speed-boosting vitamins and illuminating candles to dispel the darkness around. Yet, there is no protection from the menacing monsters lurking within these nightmarish corridors. Your survival depends on your ability to outsmart or even vanquish these adversaries. Use your brain to find and employ various items at your disposal to neutralize these nightmarish entities.

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