Rinse And Repeat

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Do you love survival stories with unusual plots? Then welcome to Rinse And Repeat, a short horror adventure that may have different endings! This time, it is built based on one of the widespread kid’s fears – to close eyes in the shower. Do you remember the moment these creepy thoughts crawled into your head and filled you with true fear? This is what you will now feel in this new horror game. The walkthrough is really short, but no one knows how exactly it will end up for you. The author has prepared several variants!

What’s your ending?

The gameplay is designed in a way that the players are encouraged to make their own choices and decisions. You will find yourself in a strange bathroom. Explore everything around. Your main task is to take a shower. But there are a lot of other actions you can perform. Your outcome will depend on what exactly you do. Is it really true that a monster can come if you close your eyes for a second while taking a shower? It’s intriguing, right? But let’s pull together all the courage and check it! There are three possible endings and two secret endings if you are lucky enough to reveal these. These can be quite unnerving! So get ready for some thrills!

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