Backrooms: Pomni. Digital Circus!

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Backrooms: Pomni. Digital Circus immerses players in a spine-chilling action-horror adventure, set in the eerie and enigmatic realm of the Backrooms. This mysterious dimension, known for its endless corridors and labyrinthine layout, becomes the backdrop for a heart-pounding survival game. In this realm, players find themselves trapped in what initially appears to be a desolate and abandoned space. However, they quickly realize they are not alone. Lurking within the Backrooms is a formidable monster, relentlessly hunting down anyone who dares to trespass in this forsaken place.

The guardian of the Backrooms in this game is none other than Harlequin Pomni from the Amazing Digital Circus. She prowls the corridors, ever-vigilant, making her way through the maze-like environment in search of her next victim. Players must navigate this treacherous world with the ultimate goal of escaping the nightmarish clutches of Pomni. The key to survival and escape lies in activating a portal, which requires the collection of 15 batteries scattered throughout the Backrooms. But beware, as gathering these batteries is no simple task. Players must rely on their senses, especially sound, to locate them. A distinct sound signals the proximity of a battery, while the eerie mutterings of Pomni serve as a warning of imminent danger.

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