Fatal Midnight

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Fear takes center stage in FATAL MIDNIGHT, a chilling indie horror game. This first-person horror experience unfolds the story of Dan. His parents are away, and he needs to keep an eye on his sister. The game plunges players into the unsettling tale of siblings who have faced ominous things within their home. When the clock strikes midnight, the hero abruptly awakes because of eerie sounds echoing through the house. Alarmed, he goes to his sister’s room and discovers she has vanished! Something terrible must have happened. Seized by panic, he starts exploring his home.

It is a desperate search!

The night holds endless secrets, and FATAL MIDNIGHT invites players to confront the darkness in a uniquely harrowing adventure. Suddenly, you are interrupted by a terrible scream! Equipped with a shotgun and flashlight, your quest is to find your sister and identify the mysterious noise. The ensuing events take a scary turn as you come across an unfortunate revelation. The walkthrough is very short, the entire experience unfolds in under half an hour, depending on your approach and choices throughout the journey. However, be sure you will understand what true fear means.

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