The Amazing Digital Circus: Pilot

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The world of online entertainment does not stop impressing fans with new plots and projects. And this this time, here is something really incredible – it is The Amazing Digital Circus. The show you are going to participate in is full of strange creatures that are always in action! Would you like to find out more about them and discover what they are doing here? Then get ready for a cool performance! Make sure you have free thirty minutes to enjoy it to the fullest!

Why is this circus so weird?

You are introduced to this place by Caine, a really extraordinary personage that seems to be in charge of everything here. Soon, you will find learn that Caine is powered by artificial intelligence. He has a cute assistant – it is Bubble. They welcome six humans into this colorful world. But it seems they did not come here voluntarily! Some unknown power has taken them here, and now they are trapped here. Moreover, the people have transformed beyond their expectations. Now they look like digital cartoonish creatures that absolutely do not look like their former selves. They cannot escape now. And what is interesting, they will not need to sleep in this new digital dimension. The toys can only dimly remember their previous life, and clearly cannot understand what they are doing in The Amazing Digital Circus. Anyway, now these creatures need to adapt in some way to their new surrounding and learn each other better. Be prepared to a lot of strange twists and turns!

Is Caine trying to help?

Of course, some unclear memories encourage personages to look for escape. But unfortunately, Caine cannot help them in this attempt. He seems to be a boss here, however he can hardly imagine how a human life looks like in reality. Caine will do a different thing – he will try to offer these weird toys a kind of routine to make them satisfied. However, the characters will go through endless accidents and trials which seem to kill them. But no, none of them dies – Caine keeps an eye on it. You will meet six different characters – Pomni, Ragatha, Kinger, Gangle, Jax and Zooble. They are absolutely different, but this is what makes the entertainment so exciting. These heroes will endlessly interact, terribly annoying each other. Why are they all here? And will they manage to overcome burdens of their past lives? Start the show now to find out it all. You will adore this unconventional plot where you can hardly predict anything!

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