Rotten Flesh – Find Your Dog With Microphone

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Horror enthusiasts have a new story to enjoy – Rotten Flesh – Find Your Dog With Microphone. As you may have already guessed from the title, the plot is built around the disappearance of the dog. Your pet has gone missing is a strange labyrinth. Its name is Roy – call for him everywhere. For this, you must step inside a really frightening maze. The game comes with a built-in microphone that you can activate for a more thrilling effect. You are not afraid of loud sounds, aren’t you? Do not be so sure until you really test the game! Let’s get started!

Whom will you find?

So, you start exploring the creepy labyrinth, calling out your dog’s name. It does not seem to be around. However, it looks like someone else has caught your screams. Now these beings are going to find you. This indie game is about a really dreadful survival. It is full of jumpscares, terrible encounters and lots of blood. The use of a microphone makes the walkthrough incredibly realistic. Will you have enough courage to make to the very end of this ominous tunnel and find your dog or will you quit much earlier? This is a quest the result of which you can never predict. But one thing is sure – your inner thrill-seeker will be pleased!

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