Buckshot Roulette

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Buckshot Roulette is not an average game with primitive thrills. It is a thrilling gamble with a twist of danger. You play for an invisible protagonist who visits the night club. The place is gloomy and dark, with only deafening music. But suddenly you come across a table with a virtual dealer. And he invites you for a weird game that is inspired by Russian roulette. But you must use a shotgun instead of a revolver. It is going to be really dreadful duel. But it seems like there is no other alternative! So you sit at the table and the deadly game begins!

Think twice before you shoot!

Players take their chances, loading a single round into a gun and spinning the chamber. The tension builds as you aim at targets, never knowing when the trigger will release a harmless click or a thunderous blast. It’s a game of nerve-wracking excitement, where every pull of the trigger keeps you on the edge of your seat. You will have some respawns and some items you can use to mislead your opponent. Check well how they work before you use them. This game is built not only on pure luck. The player is encouraged to use his logic. If you are smart enough, you have all chances to remain alive.

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