Pumpkin Panic

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Welcome to a charming countryside farm. Your primary objective is to grow a variety of fruits and vegetables. However, an unexpected twist will interrupt your peaceful activity. A menacing clown appears on your tranquil farm. His intentions are treacherous. This insane monster is relentlessly pursuing you, and it’s clear he will deal with you if he traps you. Can you make a daring escape? Be prepared for a series of intricate puzzles and perilous traps as you navigate through this challenge. Your bravery and intellect are desperately needed.

It’s a true spirit of Halloween!

The eerie atmosphere of the farm reminds that the spookiest season is approaching. With such a menacing adversary lurking about, surviving becomes a genuine test. Can you fulfill your farming duties and outwit the traps set by the sinister clown? Your pumpkin patch and other crops require meticulous care, even amidst all the dangers. Immerse yourself in this seasonal game to get a healthy dose of entertainment and excitement.

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