Leave Me Alone!

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Would you like to experience some retro horror emotions? Then welcome to Leave Me Alone! This eerie adventure develops within the enigmatic Whispering Woods forest. The creators of this project took inspiration from classic PS1 titles and the chilling atmospheres of ’80s and ’90s horror films. You will participate in the trip that takes a harrowing turn as the night descends. There are a lot of malevolent secrets around and even a masked assailant. Are you ready to face terrors well hidden in this gloomy location?

Will you pass it to the end?

So, your characters are two friends who have to spend a night in the forest. Experience the rush of adrenaline as you navigate through the shadowy landscapes and immerse yourself in the gripping narrative. Be prepared for moments of sheer terror, where the boundary between imagination and reality becomes indistinct. Survive the ominous trail and unravel the concealed mysteries around. It is a real test of your courage! Will you pass or fail it? This game will take less than an hour, but the portion of thrills is incredible. Do not skill this horror adventure! You get tons of fun during the walkthrough!

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