Midnight Custody By Dagon Dev

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Are you a fan of short horror games? Then you are definitely continuously searching for new plots and scenarios. So do not miss Midnight Custody by Dagon Dev, a new adventure that will surely bring you a decent portion of adrenaline. Even the first minutes of the game make you feel shivers. It is a strange and dark parking location. It is quite difficult to understand what you are supposed to do. However, it is obvious you must leave this eerie place as soon as possible! Will you manage to find an exit? Find enough courage to decently cope with unexpected twists!

Tons of jumpscares!

As you walk, it becomes clear enough that the place is not empty. And all these terrible sounds and shadows are not just your imagination. The threats are more than real. You will encounter strange shadows – these are ghosts. They are evil and treacherous. And the more you walk, the more beings are on your way. Will you manage to complete this evil survival quest still alive? It is only 10 minutes of a walkthrough, but you may be sure it will look like a lifetime before you reach the end. Are you fit enough for a horror adventure like that? Check it out now! It will be an unforgettable experience!

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