Garten of Banban Escape

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Garten of Banban Escape is a cool game that will pump your adrenaline to the max! This version has everything to make your leisure time exciting and interesting. The plot is built on the elements of cool horror with elements of survival. The entertaining gameplay intrigues from the very beginning: you will find yourself in an abandoned kindergarten, which is empty only at first glance. In fact, behind each of its walls hides a real evil.

Exciting game world

From the first seconds of the game, all your attention will be drawn to the colorful locations. There are game zones, rest rooms, locker room and even long and confusing corridors of the basement. After exploring all the rooms upstairs, go downstairs. The main adventure awaits you there. In each room there will be hints. Follow them, open new doors, find items, key cards, explore secret rooms, such as the storeroom. There, in the semi-darkness are hidden secret attributes that will help you unlock the doors to the game room.

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