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This game represents a fabulous puzzle where you will become a storyteller. You will get access to Magic Book, and you task is to fill with captivation stories. In this entertainment, there is no preordained narrative to follow and you will not have clear directives. Instead, you’re provided with a selection of characters and a variety of scenes. And you should arrange these elements into a well-constructed and seamless fairy tales.

What are your actions?

Do not worry if crafting scenarios is not your strong side. Just open the book – all the scenes are ready-made. All you are supposed to do – to drag the personages to the right places. Will you be able to correctly interpret the hints given to you in the beginning and reach the desired outcome? Check it out right now! Interact with over 50 heroes and complete over a dozen fantastic tales. This activity is more than engaging – you will soon realize it! Have incredible fun! Your favorite heroes are awaiting you!

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