Roblox Break In

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The Roblox universe invites you on a new adventure – it is Break In Story! Here, you are supposed to join forces with other online players to cope with the chaos unleashed by the notorious Scary Larry and his gang, who have captured to the city. In this entertainment, you will step into the shoes of various characters who need to fend off these malevolent assaults. Your journey unfolds predominantly within the confines of a sizable house, where night after night, players must confront these menacing foes until they ultimately face Scary Larry himself.

What will be your outcome?

Surviving each night is of paramount importance, and what adds an extra layer of intrigue is that each night is uniquely different. You must collaborate with others to endure the nightly onslaught. The game’s duration is about only 30 minutes, of course, if you succeed to avoid the death. Moreover, it’s imperative to keep an eye on your energy level to prevent fainting. The outcome is only the result of your actions and choices. Make sure to tackle all the trials that come your way, and let the adventure unfold.

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