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Backrooms is an ominous world with hundreds of doors, confusing corridors, and empty rooms. Once in this dimension, you find yourself in an endless string of dull rooms from which there is no way out. The game, which can drive you crazy, offers you to test your psychological stability in labyrinths, where time simply stops. You move under bright yellow lighting, which adds to the overall picture of creepy madness.

What do you need to know in order not to go crazy?

In order not to get lost from reality and remember the purpose of your new mission, you need to be careful and cautious. Every next room will be exactly the same and you won’t realize whether you’ve left another, how fast you can move, where the boundaries between rooms are. You will not be able to concentrate and hear your thoughts because of the humming noise coming from the fluorescent lights. You will have to cross a hundred empty segments and the main thing is not to get trapped. After all, besides you, there is something here that is watching your every step and can approach you at any moment and breathe down your back.

Comments (1)
  1. martin:

    too slow a snail can beat this in a race

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