The Amazing Digital Circus Jax

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This cool entertainment will take you on a new adventure in a digital world. This time it is a circus show with really weird personages. As you join this project, you will find out that all characters here used to be ordinary people, but some power has transformed them into strange-looking toys. Moreover, these personages are going to be imprisoned into one environment! It is known as Digital Circus. The place is managed by artificial intelligence, represented by Caine. Are you ready do discover more?

It is a whole gang of heroes!

Even if the game offers you a protagonist – it is Pomni, a young women locked into a toy body of a jester – you will also meet a whole bunch of personages. These are Zooble, Gangle and Kinger. Besides, there is another girl here – the optimistic Ragatha. They all designed like strange creatures similar to ragdolls. And these characters are to try to have their usual human routine in this strange place. However, they find only misfortunes here! These toys will go through endless trials and traps set by Caine. They will be hardly traumatized and injured. However, it seems they are not to be killed, only tortured by artificial intelligence. And this is where the fun is hidden. You just need to join it – do it now!

Jax is the loveliest character!

But one character clearly attracts special attention. It is Jax, an anthropomorphic rabbit in purple color. He is the youngest of all Digital Circus inhabitants. This character used to be a pranker and his behavior is often beyond the limits. Other personages can barely stand Jax. So you will witness a lot of critical scenes between them all. You will enjoy a lot of cool moments with Jax. He can annoy everyone until they are mad. To have fun with this weird rabbit, start this entertainment right now to enjoy a whole range of humorous episodes. You will love this new adventure with artificial intelligence tricks.

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