That’s not my Neighbor 2

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Dive into the sequel of the widely talked-about doorman simulator by Nacho Sama, That’s Not My Neighbor 2, available on itch.io. This installment elevates the eerie yet captivating experience of the original game with its unique 2D design, characterized by faded colors and whimsically exaggerated facial features. Set in an era rife with doppelganger mischief towards the latter part of the 20th century, the game challenges your survival instincts and observational skills. Can you distinguish friend from foe in a time when deceptive entities roam more freely than ever?

Your role in this sequel is more critical than before. Tasked with guarding the entrance of your building, your vigilance is paramount. Every individual that approaches your post could potentially be a malevolent creature in disguise, aiming to infiltrate and wreak havoc among the unsuspecting residents. That’s Not My Neighbor 2 hinges on your ability to discern these dangerous doppelgangers from your actual neighbors. A single oversight could cost you dearly, transforming you from the watcher to the next target of these insidious beings.

Mastering the Art of Detection

In That’s Not My Neighbor 2, the essence of gameplay revolves around the meticulous screening of each visitor. With the threat level escalated, these cunning doppelgangers have upped their game, mastering the art of imitation to near perfection. Yet, their disguises are not without flaws. It’s your job to spot these inconsistencies – a mismatched voice, a peculiar appearance, and react swiftly by hitting the emergency button. This action not only prevents a potential attack but also aids in cleansing the vicinity of one less lurking menace.

Equipped with an array of tools in your compact office, your preparedness for identifying these threats has never been more crucial. From peering through the security window to analyzing forms and managing checklists, every element of your workspace plays a significant role in ensuring safety. Pay close attention to the details provided by each visitor and utilize the resources at your disposal – folders for organizing neighbor profiles, a hatch for document exchange, and crucially, the emergency button for immediate action against confirmed doppelgangers. With each shift, your skills will be tested against increasingly clever adversaries, making every decision a pivotal moment in safeguarding your community from the shadows that seek to infiltrate it.

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