FNAF The Amazing Digital Circus

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Have you already met weird characters from The Amazing Digital Circus? Then you know they are very specific and are actually prisoners of this virtual space. One of them, a girl named Pomni, is especially desperate to escape from here. And one day, she succeeds to run away. It is a real disaster, as the toy is quite insane! She may bring a lot of trouble, actually! You will understand soon that your life is at stake.

Be ready to survive through five nights

You will work for a night guard who works in a big park. The work does not seem very difficult. But one shift changes everything. You receive a telephone call that Pomni has managed to leave the digital circus and may pop up in the part at any moment. You cannot predict what she can do to you. But it is obvious that you cannot expect anything good from this creature. Her intentions are very treacherous. So you must remain on the alert until Pomni is captured. You have a tiny office where you can lock yourself, but you cannot use auto lock for too long.

Be extremely careful!

The park is huge, and there are a lot of cameras installed across its territory. Thanks to it, you can monitor its every corner from your room – right on the screen. But even your office does not guarantee full safely. It has auto-locking door, but it is powered by the generator. You must recharge it in time to have continuous supply electricity. However, unexpected technical issues will become real trials for you. Keep an eye on the cameras to hide when your opponent approaches you too closely. Use your wits to mislead Pomni and hold out till the morning. Will you manage to withstand these risks for five long nights. Only the smartest players will succeed in this horror adventure. If you believe you are courageous and agile – accept the challenge now!

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