Toca Boca and the Circus: Mix

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Toca Boca and the Circus: Mix Game invites players into a world where the charming characters of Toca Boca meet the vibrant personalities of the Amazing Digital Circus. This simulator game is a blend of two beloved universes, creating a unique and playful experience for players of all ages. In this imaginative game, a magical portal becomes the center of transformation and fun. Characters from both worlds pass through this portal, merging into amusing hybrid creatures. The game cleverly combines the torsos of circus performers with the heads of the adorable Toca World kids, resulting in quirky and endearing new characters.

Players have the freedom to experiment not only with character transformations but also with various objects. Bringing different items through the portal triggers entertaining changes, adding an element of surprise and creativity to the gameplay. The game is set across three distinct locations, each offering a canvas for players to customize and interact with. Whether it’s enjoying tasty treats, capturing fun moments with a camera, or taking a spin on the carousel, each area offers unique activities and opportunities for exploration and play.

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