The VHS Paradise

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The authors of horror games do not stop surprising fans with interesting stories. So here is The VHS Paradise, a new adventure to add more thrills to your gaming experience. According to the plot, you are a cashier in a night store. So your role is simple – you must serve visitors during the night shift. It may seem an easy job to do, but it will turn up totally different very soon. You have just read the news that the level of crimes has seriously increased recently. Can it affect you? Soon, you will discover it!

It is a lot of strange visitors!

When your night shift starts, you see a lot of weird customers come to the store and engage in weird conversations with them. The job seems quite monotonous, and you are impatiently waiting for the end of your shift to watch the movie which your co-worker recommended. Unfortunately, the movie did not impress you. So you decide just to go home. Will you safely reach it? The road back home will be full of surprises, and not always pleasant. Are you sure you want to discover more? Note, there are three endings you can achieve. Some are positive, and some are not. Check how this short indie game will finish for you. Enjoy this adventure now!

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