Captain Willie

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It is time for a new thrilling adventure, isn’t it? So join Captain Willie – become a member of the crew! But you will never guess whom you will meet in this new breathtaking story. It is Mickey! At first glance, you are starting on a pretty peaceful maritime adventure. You will take on the role of a simple crew member who needs to perform a lot of routine tasks on the ship. You will clean the deck, peel potatoes and other similar things. The captain seems to be quite happy with your work and he even trusts you to control the wheel for some time. But, suddenly, his orders become very strange.

Will you manage it all?

The captain seems quite friendly. But wait, it will abruptly change. The friendly Mickey transforms into somebody really evil and frightening. Now he is true monster! And he is no longer happy with your performance! Now you can only rely on your wits and luck. Your life is in danger! There is no one around to help or protect you. You are alone face-to-face with creepy captain. What will happen if you stop following his instructions? You have to check it on your own! But get a little warning – there several endings here, and not all of them are with a happy end. What will be your outcome in this horror trial?

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